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Writing is how I make sense of the world, my subconscious, and how I feel.

Writing Activity

It is hard to write as another character. Especially when that character is so out of character. I enjoyed this task. Although, I have never read the book myself, so I feel I have missed out on a bit of insight into the psyche of Bateman. I would like to, and will read the book at some point. Continue reading

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A slice of a dream

A note I wrote a year ago today about a dream I had last night. Continue reading

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Nothing makes it begin and nothing makes it end. But there has been a lull almost as perfect as an absence twice of late. At 00:11 on Thursday morning, seconds before I was about to be blanketed by my subconscious; … Continue reading

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Motionless movements

Today I have felt like an entity absolutely void of life, that moves without purpose from one place to the next. Some days I live in my head and not in my person. And tonight, I pray for my sleep … Continue reading

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The Bear

Sweet sweet sorrow, why do you let me cry. It is not the fine I seem to hear it is the rain. I am the bear who rocks in his cage, others enter and leave again. Exhausted by his own … Continue reading

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The diluted past present in the subconscious; a struggle to wake without confusion.

We could spend days and nights and nights putting ourselves to rights, the world to shame and taking sips of delectable dialogue from gold plated paper cups without recognising the endeavor’s futility. The intensity yet irrelevance of days gone by, … Continue reading

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Monday Feeling (Yes I know it’s Tuesday)

As yesterday’s Facebook status will verify, I had trouble containing myself when “Kick Start My Heart” started. It was a welcome relief from the Spotify premium advert prior and in any case made me want to air grab and dance … Continue reading

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